PDF Calm, from Music for the Open Air, Op. 44

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[BOOKS] Calm, from "Music for the Open Air", Op. 44 by Florent Schmitt. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online.
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Such music will set a positive tone to your project and provide comfort to your audience. Feel The Beat. Modern smooth jazz track with groovy atmosphere and funky beat. Background music with a contemporary vibe and feeling. Nice electric piano with electric guitar playing beautiful harmony and melody together with a catchy beat.

Perfect background audio for your Youtube video, on-hold systems, or other production use.

Through Clouds. This an electronic and ambient background music with glitch drums, deep bass, warm and deep piano and atmospheric synth sound. It is perfect for hi-tech software, new innovations projects, technological inventions, smart gadgets promo, modern commercials and ads, games and apps, etc. Light and inspiring ambient track with soft piano and gentle synth pads on the background. Perfect for corporate media projects, romantic films, heartwarming advertising campaigns, royalty free music for commercial. Flying Birds.

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Jazzy duet playing and elegant music, great for backgrounds and ambient situations. This music is easy listening and smooth. Great for evening bar scenes, art gallery events, coffee ads, theatre intermission, carefree scenes, etc. Make My Day. Inspirational and motivational track features muted and harmonics guitars, piano, drums. This track is a perfect background for TV commercials, promotional videos, presentations, royalty free podcast music and any other multimedia projects.

Start The Day.

Beautiful and peaceful easy-listening background music with very organic and light sound. Featuring acoustic guitars, piano and tasteful percussion. Suitable for rustic theme videos, morning sunrise scene or as calm on-hold music. Corporate Promotion. An optimistic corporate track full of energy and motivation.

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With uplifting, and inspiring to action melody. Well suited for infographics, technology, commercials, media projects, business goals, presentations, promotions, YouTube videos, business projects, real-estate website, and more media projects. Morning Coffee In The Park. Inspirational and uplifting music track featuring warm acoustic guitars and piano. In the style of Americana, acoustic folk and new country.

The beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of happiness and joy. Fearless And Kind.

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Light, happy sounding inspiring new age music composed of flute, muted electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and drums. Perfect track for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, YouTube videos, business presentations, royalty free music for podcasts, phone hold music. Swing It Sunny. Nice and happy commercial swing with beautiful melodies recorded with gypsy swing acoustic guitars, drums and bass. Perfect for your video presentations, advertising, films, games. Beauty Progress. Beautiful inspirational modern corporate music.

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Welcome To Wonderland. Welcome To Wonderland is a magical waltz featuring harp and bells. Short loops audio for your multiple projects. Perfect for media dealing with fantasy and fairytales, puppet shows, Christmas commercials, voice acting for cartoons, as intro music and much more.


Exciting Future. Positive and uplifting motivational track. Suitable to be used as background music in promotional videos and business presentations to get that soft tension of positive progression and optimism. Electronic Emotions. Cool and relaxed chill-hop track, featuring sparse female vocal, electric piano, bass and drums. Great for lounge zones, on-hold music, future and space moods, modern and stylish projects, radio shows, technology shows and more.

Southern Sunset. Uplifting Instrumental track with a southern country feel. Features acoustic guitar, pedal steel guitar, drums, bass, electric slide guitar, dobro. Works well for inspirational, emotional, and hopeful themes. Great for images of people walking off into the distance, searching for new horizons, full of hope and positivity.

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In Peaceful Mood. This is peaceful and focused corporate background music with warm and beautiful atmospheric sound. This royalty free track will be perfect for business videos, marketing and presentation videos, inspiring and airy videos, travel vlogs, youtube and more. Shining Stars. Light corporate background music created with minimalistic light synth sound.

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Enjoy and feel the sun on your face! Close To The Skies. Light, inspiring atmospheric track with soft piano and gentle pads on the background, perfect for your media project! Nice And Soft. A sweet easy listening track with reflective, yet uplifting feel. Perfect as on hold music for phone systems, organic products, or neutral musical background for any slideshow, presentation or video footage.

Wind Energy. Uplifting electronic background music track perfect for business or corporate related media. Great for various media use, e. Achieving Goals Together. Corporate track with a catchy melody and cheerful mood. The electric guitar, sound effects, rhythm builds up and turns into a bright culmination.

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  5. The royalty-free music works well for product demos, explainer animation, customer services, simple things, 3D visualizations, B2C ads, educational videos on YouTube, real-estate websites. Warm Guitar. A soft music track recorded with acoustic guitar and piano. A medium-slow music with an easy listening and light mood. This recording fits well for ambient situations, relaxing backgrounds or as on-hold music. Lazy Afternoon. Smooth relaxed and lounge jazz background music with piano, saxophone, pads.

    Perfect for relaxing videos and vlogs, seductive videos, lazy afternoon scenes, lounge zones, day spa resort, sunset timelapse, and more. Ambient Aspire.